RPC is an Interdisciplinary Team of Experts

Specializing in Economic Damages

Are your medical records requests effective?
Having complete medical records can make a big impact on damages awards in personal injury cases. RPC has created a reference tool for ensuring you are getting all of the information necessary to allow juries and experts to make decisions based on all relevant evidence. Click here for more.

For over 35 years, RPC has been assisting clients with expert services, Certificate of Need services, and healthcare consulting services. RPC also offers a wide selection of health data. We have served clients across the U.S, from Alaska to Florida and from New England to California.

In expert services we provide economic damages analysis for plaintiff counsel, insurance carriers and defense counsel using an interdisciplinary team of professionals who can determine the validity of damage claims for loss of earning capacity, past and future medical expenses or damage to the value of a business. The team includes an economist, vocational evaluator, life care planners, forensic accountants and certified business valuation appraisers. All members of the team have many years of experience in preparing reports and providing testimony for use in mediation, settlement negotiations and litigation.

In addition to experience in a wide variety of industries, we have special expertise in the healthcare industry that has proven valuable to counsel who do not specialize in the healthcare industry. We have helped determine damages in cases involving lost profits claims by hospitals for construction defects, disputes between hospitals and physicians and disputes between managed care plans and patients. In all these cases our healthcare knowledge has helped commercial litigators structure their position on both liability and damages. Our experience in healthcare and workers compensation matters also enables us to assist counsel in payment disputes between providers and insurance plans.

RPC’s Certificate of Need experience includes assisting hospitals and other providers as well as their legal counsel in filing applications and preparing for hearings and other judicial appeals in many states. We have expertise in both health planning and financial analysis and forecasting.

Our Health Data Store provides custom reports from a large number of federal and state public use data files. RPC can quickly provide custom reports and data files and can allow the client to download Medicare cost reports for all U.S. hospitals. The Health Data Store combines our healthcare consulting expertise with our extensive library of healthcare data and services, along with our technically knowledgeable and talented staff.

For sample RPC reports and professional references please contact Ron Luke at 512-371-8000.