Economic Damages Analysis

Economic Damages Analysis

RPC provides attorneys and their clients with expert services in analyzing economic damages, including personal injury, business and healthcare litigation. We work closely with attorneys to understand the issues in the case and to determine what analysis within our areas of expertise will help the judge or jury answer questions regarding liability and damages.

For either medical or vocational damages it is necessary to calculate damages in future dollars and then discount these future damages to present value as of the time of trial. We compute different inflation rates for specific goods, services and wages. Our procedures ensure consistency between the inflation and discount rates used. The time series data used in these calculations of damages are continuously updated as government agencies publish new statistics.

RPC has large-scale data management resources including hardware, software and expert staff, which enables us to analyze large data files.

RPC accounting, economic, clinical, life care planning, and vocational evaluation professionals provide an integrated damages analysis. Our interdisciplinary team works closely with litigators, from discovery to mediation to trial in order to understand the case, develop an independent analysis of it and provide a professional critique of the work of the experts retained by other parties to the litigation.

Dr. Ronald Luke and his colleagues have been accepted as experts in federal and state courts and by administrative agencies. They understand the high standards for admissible expert witness testimony and carefully document the data, assumptions and analytic methods that form the basis for any opinions offered. RPC’s expert reports and expert witness testimony educate the parties, the judge and the jury on the issues we have been asked to address. Using written documents, the spoken word and graphic materials, RPC communicates complex facts clearly and succinctly.

Personal Injury Litigation

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Life Care Plans

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Loss of Earning Capacity Studies

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Vocational Evaluations

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Calculation of Present Value of Damages

For either medical or vocational damages it is necessary to calculate damages in future dollars and then discount these future damages to present value as of the time of trial. RPC has expert economists who are able to bring all damages calculations… Read More

Independent Medical Examinations

Life Care Plans, Vocational Evaluations, and Loss of Earning Capacity analysis depend on medical opinions. A Life Care Plan is based on a physician’s opinions on the injured party’s future medical needs. A Vocational Evaluation depends on a physi… Read More

Healthcare Litigation

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Payment Disputes

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Medical Staff Disputes

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Health Facility Construction Disputes

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Commercial Litigation

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Commercial Economic Damages

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Forensic Accounting

RPC provides forensic accounting to businesses, healthcare systems, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and the law firms that represent them. Our professionals are experts at analyzing complex financial data efficiently and communicatin… Read More

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