Socioeconomic Impact of Natural Resources Projects

Socioeconomic Impact of Natural Resources Projects

RPC has four decades of experience in analyzing the socioeconomic impacts of natural resources projects. Depending on the client’s needs we can project future conditions with and without the proposed project for economic, demographic, housing, public facilities and services, fiscal, and social variables. We also perform cost-benefit analyses to address specific regulatory criteria. Our work has been relied upon by public and private sector clients in state and federal regulatory proceedings on a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Underground mine development
  • Power plant siting
  • Surface mining and gasification of lignite
  • Disposal of high level and low level radioactive wastes
  • Impact of hazardous waste disposal in East Texas
  • Water reservoir development
  • Regulations for underground water resource management
  • Economic impact of water quality rules in the Everglades
  • Impact on property values of municipal landfills and industrial facilities
  • Port facilities
  • Offshore oil and gas exploration operations
  • Land use impact of sanitary landfill development
  • Management of sport and commercial fisheries
  • Construction of natural gas pipelines
  • Fuel conversion of an electric power plant

Dr. Ronald Luke has been accepted as an expert in federal and state courts and by administrative agencies. RPC understands the high standards for admissible expert witness testimony and carefully documents the data, assumptions, models, and other analytic methods that form the basis for any opinions offered.

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