Personal Injury Litigation Expert Services

Personal Injury Litigation Expert Services

RPC provides plaintiff and defense attorneys with expert consulting and testimony in personal injury litigation. Our services include life care plans, analysis of lost earning capacity, vocational analysis, business valuation, and medical records review. We can assist the attorney through all phases of litigation from framing discovery requests through testimony at trial.



Life Care Plans

The cost of future health care is often the largest component of economic damages in personal injury cases. Quantifying these damages for a jury requires a life care plan — a detailed analysis of the type, quantity, timing and cost of the injured p… Read More

Loss of Earning Capacity Studies

RPC provides analysis of loss of earning capacity in personal injury cases and damages in wrongful death cases. To calculate these losses, we gather available personal information, current government statistics and research, and income and benefit tr… Read More

Vocational Evaluations

Lost earnings and lost earning capacity are often a major component of the economic damages in a personal injury case. The process for calculating loss of earning capacity requires first determining pre-injury earning capacity and then determining po… Read More

Calculation of Present Value of Damages

For either medical or vocational damages it is necessary to calculate damages in future dollars and then discount these future damages to present value as of the time of trial. RPC has expert economists who are able to bring all damages calculations… Read More

Independent Medical Examinations

Life Care Plans, Vocational Evaluations, and Loss of Earning Capacity analysis depend on medical opinions. A Life Care Plan is based on a physician’s opinions on the injured party’s future medical needs. A Vocational Evaluation depends on a physi… Read More

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