Certificate of Need Services

Certificate of Need Services

RPC provides Certificate of Need (CON) services to healthcare providers nationally. Our experience spans 30 years and about as many states. Different healthcare providers have different needs in the CON process. For instance, some organizations need help in scanning multiple markets for development opportunities. Using national databases such as MedPAR and CMSSAF, we can provide the analysis to target development efforts. Other organizations need an in-depth study of a single market to determine whether to take an idea to the next phase. RPC has the planning and financial expertise to determine both the financial feasibility of a project and its chances of receiving a CON.

RPC can also prepare complete CON applications with full documentation. We work closely with the healthcare provider’s staff to assemble information to address the state’s criteria and requirements. We work to anticipate the arguments that opponents and competing applicants will make in the project design and the supporting documentation.

Examples of our experience in Certificate of Need include the following types of projects:

  • satellite hospitals
  • new hospitals
  • relocation and transfer of beds
  • observation beds
  • geriatric psychiatric units
  • children’s hospitals
  • comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation units
  • neonatal intensive care units
  • open heart surgery services
  • long term acute care units
  • projects that exceed CON capital threshold limits
  • projects for specifically listed services or
    programs requiring CON
  • hospices
  • senior living facilities

Careful research and thorough documentation pay off when applications reach the administrative hearing phase. RPC provides effective expert testimony on planning and financial issues in CON cases. We are also able to dissect the reports and depositions of opposing witnesses for more effective cross-examination of these witnesses.

Beyond specific CON projects, RPC can help healthcare providers and associations protect their interests when CON issues are before the state legislature, when the CON agency is amending its rules or when a State Health Plan is being revised. We can prepare analysis and testimony to explain our client’s position and how it relates to the purpose of a state’s CON program.

Information on State CON Programs

As a service to our clients and friends, RPC has prepared summary information on the CON programs in many states. Information is available for the states on the map with an “i.” Clicking on the state will take you to information on that state’s CON program, including links to additional information resources. For specific questions or additional information, please contact RPC.

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